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One Year Warranty Inspections

Precise Inspection Services LLC provides a Builder One Year Warranty Inspection to help you identify notable defects before your one year builder’s home warranty expires. Precise Inspections will meticulously document and report observed defects within your new home that may be covered under your warranty in order to maximize your coverage. This could be the last opportunity a new home owner has to correct installation deficiencies common in new home construction. Call Precise Inspections today before your warranty expires, leaving you with safety and performance related deficiencies that could have been corrected. 

Our inspection report will include an itemized checklist of safety and performance related issues that are accompanied with photographs and professional assessments. Our inspection report will give you the leverage you need to obtain coverage for your new home. 

One Year Warranty Inspections: Text

We Go Where You & Your Builder Won't

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We Go in Your Attic!

Several important structural and safety items are housed in your attic including ventilation of gasses, insulation, ceiling and roof structures, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

We'll Check Your Roof

We know not to walk on your roof and void your builder warranty.  We use a variety of methods to inspect your roof and ensure this important item is included in your report.

Inside Your Electric Panel

Builders won't look at the inside of your electric panel to see what may be hiding - potentially important safety issues and concerns.

One Year Warranty Inspections: Features
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What's Inspected?

These lists can give you an idea of what your home inspection may cover, but they are not a comprehensive list of the items that are inspected.  A detailed Work Agreement will be emailed for you to review prior to your inspection.  If you have any questions, just give us a call at 602-345-0092 and we're happy to chat with you!


Walls, trim, flashings
Any decks, balconies, stoops, steps, areaways, porches, and railings
Vegetation, grading, drainage

Walkways & sidewalks
Patio floor and cover
Eaves, soffits and fascias
Fences and gates
Exterior features including a basic irrigation


Steps, stairways, balconies and railings
Cabinets and countertops
Interior features

Structural Components

Foundations, basements and crawlspaces

Columns or piers



Roof structure



Main water shut off device
Plumbing drain, waste and vent systems
Plumbing water supply and distribution systems
Hot water systems
Fuel storage
Fuel distribution systems
Main fuel shut off


Main electric panel
Wiring and conduit
Connected devices and fixtures
Polarity and grounding
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors

Heating / Central Air Conditioning

Heating equipment
Cooling equipment
Distribution systems
Chimneys, flues and vents

Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation in attic
Vapor retarders
Ventilation of attic and foundation areas
Venting systems including baths, laundry and kitchen


Vehicle door(s)
Exterior door
Door to interior
Automatic opener including safety features
Fire rating compliance


Roof coverings
Roof penetrations
Drainage systems

Built-in Appliances

Range hood
Food waste disposer
Basic refrigerator
Basic microwave

One Year Warranty Inspections: Services

What Makes Us Different

  • Experience - each of our inspectors have more than a decade of experience.

  • Above and beyond the standard!  We take pride in the informative reports we deliver by going above and beyond the standards required of home inspectors, items such as smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, non-installed appliances and more than a "representative sample" of outlets and windows are included in our inspections. 

  • Detailed, comprehensive 20-40 page report, on average, with summary of critical items and photos throughout.

  • Our reports average three times the photos for better documentation.

  • Extensive photo documentation includes general conditions, deficiencies, specific hazards, maintenance recommendations and data plates of all major appliances.

  • Infrared certified - Each of our inspectors completed additional training and are infrared certified.

  • We spend extra time carefully reviewing our findings of the property with you at the end of each inspection. Our inspector will personally walk the property with you pointing out his findings and educating you about your home.

  • The results are clear, easy to understand and will put things into perspective so you can make informed decisions.

One Year Warranty Inspections: About

Additional Services

Optional services you may want to add to your home inspection.


Pool Inspection


Pools include several complicated systems and include many safety items.  If you are purchasing a home with a pool, including a pool inspection is a smart choice!  Our pool inspections are thorough and go above the standards to ensure you are getting comprehensive information about your new pool.  Craig, our lead trainer, owned a pool company and taught the pool inspection class for home inspectors at Arizona School of Real Estate and Business.  He used his extensive knowledge to train our team of inspectors to provide more value to our clients.

- Pool body
- Decks, steps and coping
- Surrounding decking and concrete
- Pumps and visible plumbing valves

- Filtration system

- Skimmers and drains

- Pool heaters

- Permanent accessories

- Timers and general electrical

- Underwater lighting and GFCI protection

- Automatic water leveling system

- Cleaning systems

- Aerator

- Blowers and bubblers

- Fencing and child safe barriers

- Handrails and ladders

- Spa




Using infrared cameras, our specially trained thermography inspectors look for items that may not be seen with the naked eye during a regular home inspection.  We've found whole walls missing insulation!  (This is a great add-on for new construction inspections.)  Thermography also highlights when leaks or moisture are present in walls.


Full Irrigation


Our home inspections include a basic irrigation check, where we check the valves and for any readily visible leaks or issues with your irrigation system.  A full irrigation inspection is a more detailed and thorough irrigation inspection for the new homeowner who wants to know more.

One Year Warranty Inspections: Services
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