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Schedule Single Family Residential Inspection

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Our convenient online scheduler allows you to schedule your home inspection anytime day or night!  See what dates and times are available, finish booking, and you will receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes.

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Additional Services

Optional services you may want to add to your home inspection.


Pool Inspection


Pools include several complicated systems and include many safety items.  If you are purchasing a home with a pool, including a pool inspection is a smart choice!  Our pool inspections are thorough and go above the standards to ensure you are getting comprehensive information about your new pool.  Craig, our lead trainer, owned a pool company and taught the pool inspection class for home inspectors at Arizona School of Real Estate and Business.  He used his extensive knowledge to train our team of inspectors to provide more value to our clients.

Sewer Scope

Sewer Scope


Underground sewer and drain systems are not visible or readily accessible and are beyond the scope of a standard home inspection.  Common issues discovered include cracking, root intrusion, corrosion and debris.




Using infrared cameras, or specially trained thermography inspectors, look for items that may not be seen with the naked eye during a regular home inspection.  We've found whole walls missing insulation!  (This is a great add-on for new construction inspections.)  Thermography also highlights when leaks or moisture are present in walls.


Full Irrigation


Our home inspections include a basic irrigation check, where we check the valves and for any readily visible leaks or issues with your irrigation system.  A full irrigation inspection is a more detailed and thorough irrigation inspection for the new homeowner who wants to know more.

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